Moses::LanguageModelFactory Namespace Reference


LanguageModelCreateLanguageModel (LMImplementation lmImplementation, const std::vector< FactorType > &factorTypes, size_t nGramOrder, const std::string &languageModelFile, int dub)

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LanguageModel * Moses::LanguageModelFactory::CreateLanguageModel ( LMImplementation  lmImplementation,
const std::vector< FactorType > &  factorTypes,
size_t  nGramOrder,
const std::string &  languageModelFile,
int  dub 

creates a language model that will use the appropriate language model toolkit as its underlying implementation

Definition at line 65 of file Factory.cpp.

References Moses::UserMessage::Add(), Moses::BackwardLM, Moses::ConstructBackwardLM(), Moses::ConstructKenLM(), Moses::ConstructLDHTLM(), Moses::LanguageModelImplementation::GetLMType(), Moses::IRST, Moses::Joint, Moses::Ken, Moses::LazyBackwardLM, Moses::LazyKen, Moses::LDHTLM, Moses::MultiFactor, Moses::NewParallelBackoff(), Moses::NewRandLM(), NULL, Moses::ORLM, Moses::ParallelBackoff, Moses::RandLM, Moses::Remote, Moses::SingleFactor, and Moses::SRI.

Referenced by Moses::StaticData::LoadLanguageModels().

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