Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState Class Reference

#include <LexicalReorderingState.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PhraseBasedReorderingState (const LRModel &config, LRModel::Direction dir, size_t offset)
 PhraseBasedReorderingState (const PhraseBasedReorderingState *prev, const TranslationOption &topt)
virtual int Compare (const FFState &o) const
virtual LRStateExpand (const TranslationOption &topt, const InputType &input, ScoreComponentCollection *scores) const
ReorderingType GetOrientationTypeMSD (WordsRange currRange) const
ReorderingType GetOrientationTypeMSLR (WordsRange currRange) const
ReorderingType GetOrientationTypeMonotonic (WordsRange currRange) const
ReorderingType GetOrientationTypeLeftRight (WordsRange currRange) const

Static Public Attributes

static bool m_useFirstBackwardScore = true

Detailed Description

State for the standard Moses implementation of lexical reordering models (see Koehn et al, Edinburgh System Description for the 2005 NIST MT Evaluation)

Definition at line 238 of file LexicalReorderingState.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::PhraseBasedReorderingState ( const LRModel config,
LRModel::Direction  dir,
size_t  offset 

Definition at line 307 of file LexicalReorderingState.cpp.

Referenced by Expand().

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Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::PhraseBasedReorderingState ( const PhraseBasedReorderingState prev,
const TranslationOption topt 

Definition at line 298 of file LexicalReorderingState.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

int Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::Compare ( const FFState o  )  const [virtual]

Implements Moses::LRState.

Definition at line 317 of file LexicalReorderingState.cpp.

References Moses::LRState::ComparePrevScores(), Moses::LRModel::Forward, Moses::LRState::m_direction, and Moses::LRState::m_prevOption.

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LRState * Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::Expand ( const TranslationOption topt,
const InputType input,
ScoreComponentCollection scores 
) const [virtual]

ReorderingType Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::GetOrientationTypeLeftRight ( WordsRange  currRange  )  const

ReorderingType Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::GetOrientationTypeMonotonic ( WordsRange  currRange  )  const

ReorderingType Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::GetOrientationTypeMSD ( WordsRange  currRange  )  const

ReorderingType Moses::PhraseBasedReorderingState::GetOrientationTypeMSLR ( WordsRange  currRange  )  const

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 245 of file LexicalReorderingState.h.

Referenced by Expand().

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