Workshop Program

July 15-16, in conjunction with ACL 2010 in Uppsala, Sweden


Thursday, July 15, 2010

8:45–9:00Opening Remarks
 Full Paper Session 1
9:00–9:25A Semi-Supervised Word Alignment Algorithm with Partial Manual Alignments
Qin Gao, Nguyen Bach and Stephan Vogel
9:25–9:50Fast Consensus Hypothesis Regeneration for Machine Translation
Boxing Chen, George Foster and Roland Kuhn
 Shared Translation Task
9:50–10:15Findings of the 2010 Joint Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and Metrics for Machine Translation (slides)
Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Christof Monz, Kay Peterson, Mark Przybocki and Omar Zaidan
10:15–10:45Boaster Session 1: Translation Task
10:45–11:00Morning Break
 Poster Session: Translation Task
 LIMSI’s Statistical Translation Systems for WMT’10
Alexandre Allauzen, Josep M. Crego, I°lknur Durgar El-Kahlout and Francois Yvon
 2010 Failures in English-Czech Phrase-Based MT
Ondrej Bojar and Kamil Kos
 An Empirical Study on Development Set Selection Strategy for Machine Translation Learning
Hui Cong, Zhao Hai, Lu Bao-Liang and Song Yan
 The University of Maryland Statistical Machine Translation System for the Fifth Workshop on Machine Translation
Vladimir Eidelman, Chris Dyer and Philip Resnik
 Further Experiments with Shallow Hybrid MT Systems
Christian Federmann, Andreas Eisele, Yu Chen, Sabine Hunsicker, Jia Xu and Hans Uszkoreit
 Improved Features and Grammar Selection for Syntax-Based MT
Greg Hanneman, Jonathan Clark and Alon Lavie
 FBK at WMT 2010: Word Lattices for Morphological Reduction and Chunk-Based Reordering
Christian Hardmeier, Arianna Bisazza and Marcello Federico
 The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation System for WMT 2010
Carmen Heger, Joern Wuebker, Matthias Huck, Gregor Leusch, Saab Mansour, Daniel Stein and Hermann Ney
 Using Collocation Segmentation to Augment the Phrase Table
Carlos A. Henríquez Q., Marta Ruiz Costa-jussà, Vidas Daudaravicius, Rafael E. Banchs and José B. Mariño
 The RALI Machine Translation System for WMT 2010
Stéphane Huet, Julien Bourdaillet, Alexandre Patry and Philippe Langlais
 Exodus - Exploring SMT for EU Institutions
Michael Jellinghaus, Alexandros Poulis and David Kolovratník
 More Linguistic Annotation for Statistical Machine Translation
Philipp Koehn, Barry Haddow, Philip Williams and Hieu Hoang
 LIUM SMT Machine Translation System for WMT 2010
Patrik Lambert, Sadaf Abdul-Rauf and Holger Schwenk
 Lessons from NRC’s Portage System at WMT 2010
Samuel Larkin, Boxing Chen, George Foster, Ulrich Germann, Eric Joanis, Howard Johnson and Roland Kuhn
 Joshua 2.0: A Toolkit for Parsing-Based Machine Translation with Syntax, Semirings, Discriminative Training and Other Goodies
Zhifei Li, Chris Callison-Burch, Chris Dyer, Juri Ganitkevitch, Ann Irvine, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Lane Schwartz, Wren Thornton, Ziyuan Wang, Jonathan Weese and Omar Zaidan
 The Karlsruhe Institute for Technology Translation System for the ACL-WMT 2010
Jan Niehues, Teresa Herrmann, Mohammed Mediani and Alex Waibel
 MATREX: The DCU MT System for WMT 2010
Sergio Penkale, Rejwanul Haque, Sandipan Dandapat, Pratyush Banerjee, Ankit K. Srivastava, Jinhua Du, Pavel Pecina, Sudip Kumar Naskar, Mikel L. Forcada and Andy Way
 The Cunei Machine Translation Platform for WMT ’10
Aaron Phillips
 The CUED HiFST System for the WMT10 Translation Shared Task
Juan Pino, Gonzalo Iglesias, Adrià de Gispert, Graeme Blackwood, Jamie Brunning and William Byrne
 The LIG Machine Translation System for WMT 2010
Marion Potet, Laurent Besacier and Hervé Blanchon
 Linear Inversion Transduction Grammar Alignments as a Second Translation Path
Markus Saers, Joakim Nivre and Dekai Wu
 UPV-PRHLT English–Spanish System for WMT10
Germán Sanchis-Trilles, Jesús Andrés-Ferrer, Guillem Gascó, Jesús González-Rubio, Pascual Martínez-Gómez, Martha-Alicia Rocha, Joan-Andreu Sánchez and Francisco Casacuberta
 Reproducible Results in Parsing-Based Machine Translation: The JHU Shared Task Submission
Lane Schwartz
 Vs and OOVs: Two Problems for Translation between German and English
Sara Stymne, Maria Holmqvist and Lars Ahrenberg
 To Cache or Not To Cache? Experiments with Adaptive Models in Statistical Machine Translation
Jörg Tiedemann
 Applying Morphological Decompositions to Statistical Machine Translation
Sami Virpioja, Jaakko Väyrynen, Andre Mansikkaniemi and Mikko Kurimo
 Maximum Entropy Translation Model in Dependency-Based MT Framework
ZdenÄ›k Žabokrtský, Martin Popel and David Mareček
 UCH-UPV English–Spanish System for WMT10
Francisco Zamora-Martinez and Germán Sanchis-Trilles
 Hierarchical Phrase-Based MT at the Charles University for the WMT 2010 Shared Task
Daniel Zeman
 Invited Talk
14:00–15:00Invited Talk by Hermann Ney
 Full Paper Session 2
15:05–15:30Incremental Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Baskaran Sankaran, Ajeet Grewal and Anoop Sarkar
15:30–16:00Afternoon Break
 Full Paper Session 3
16:00–16:25How to Avoid Burning Ducks: Combining Linguistic Analysis and Corpus Statistics for German Compound Processing
Fabienne Fritzinger and Alexander Fraser
16:25–16:50Chunk-Based Verb Reordering in VSO Sentences for Arabic-English Statistical Machine Translation
Arianna Bisazza and Marcello Federico
16:50–17:15Head Finalization: A Simple Reordering Rule for SOV Languages
Hideki Isozaki, Katsuhito Sudoh, Hajime Tsukada and Kevin Duh
17:15–17:40Aiding Pronoun Translation with Co-Reference Resolution
Ronan Le Nagard and Philipp Koehn

Friday, July 16, 2010

 Shared Task Presentations
9:00–10:00Overview: MetricsMATR (slides)
10:30–10:45Boaster Session
10:45–11:00Morning Break
 Poster Session: Full Paper
 Jane: Open Source Hierarchical Translation, Extended with Reordering and Lexicon Models
David Vilar, Daniel Stein, Matthias Huck and Hermann Ney
 Poster Session: System Combination Task
 MANY: Open Source MT System Combination at WMT’10
Loïc Barrault
 Adaptive Model Weighting and Transductive Regression for Predicting Best System Combinations
Ergun Bicici and S. Serdar Kozat
 L1 Regularized Regression for Reranking and System Combination in Machine Translation
Ergun Bicici and Deniz Yuret
 An Augmented Three-Pass System Combination Framework: DCU Combination System for WMT 2010
Jinhua Du, Pavel Pecina and Andy Way
 The UPV-PRHLT Combination System for WMT 2010
Jesús González-Rubio, Germán Sanchis-Trilles, Joan-Andreu Sánchez, Jesús Andrés-Ferrer, Guillem Gascó, Pascual Martínez-Gómez, Martha-Alicia Rocha and Francisco Casacuberta
 CMU Multi-Engine Machine Translation for WMT 2010
Kenneth Heafield and Alon Lavie
 CMU System Combination via Hypothesis Selection for WMT’10
Almut Silja Hildebrand and Stephan Vogel
 JHU System Combination Scheme for WMT 2010
Sushant Narsale
 The RWTH System Combination System for WMT 2010
Gregor Leusch and Hermann Ney
 BBN System Description for WMT10 System Combination Task
Antti-Veikko Rosti, Bing Zhang, Spyros Matsoukas and Richard Schwartz
 Poster Session: Metrics Task
 LRscore for Evaluating Lexical and Reordering Quality in MT
Alexandra Birch and Miles Osborne
 Document-Level Automatic MT Evaluation based on Discourse Representations
Elisabet Comelles, Jesus Gimenez, Lluis Marquez, Irene Castellon and Victoria Arranz
 METEOR-NEXT and the METEOR Paraphrase Tables: Improved Evaluation Support for Five Target Languages
Michael Denkowski and Alon Lavie
 Normalized Compression Distance Based Measures for MetricsMATR 2010
Marcus Dobrinkat, Tero Tapiovaara, Jaakko Väyrynen and Kimmo Kettunen
 The DCU Dependency-Based Metric in WMT-MetricsMATR 2010
Yifan He, Jinhua Du, Andy Way and Josef van Genabith
 TESLA: Translation Evaluation of Sentences with Linear-Programming-Based Analysis
Chang Liu, Daniel Dahlmeier and Hwee Tou Ng
 The Parameter-Optimized ATEC Metric for MT Evaluation
Billy Wong and Chunyu Kit
 Full Paper Session 4
14:00–14:25A Unified Approach to Minimum Risk Training and Decoding
Abhishek Arun, Barry Haddow and Philipp Koehn
14:25–14:50N-Best Reranking by Multitask Learning
Kevin Duh, Katsuhito Sudoh, Hajime Tsukada, Hideki Isozaki and Masaaki Nagata
14:50–15:15Taming Structured Perceptrons on Wild Feature Vectors
Ralf Brown
15:15–15:40Translation Model Adaptation by Resampling
Kashif Shah, Loïc Barrault and Holger Schwenk
15:40–16:00Afternoon Break
 Full Paper Session 5
16:00–16:25Integration of Multiple Bilingually-Learned Segmentation Schemes into Statistical Machine Translation
Michael Paul, Andrew Finch and Eiichiro Sumita
16:25–16:50Improved Translation with Source Syntax Labels
Hieu Hoang and Philipp Koehn
16:50–17:15Divide and Translate: Improving Long Distance Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation
Katsuhito Sudoh, Kevin Duh, Hajime Tsukada, Tsutomu Hirao and Masaaki Nagata
17:15–17:40Decision Trees for Lexical Smoothing in Statistical Machine Translation
Rabih Zbib, Spyros Matsoukas, Richard Schwartz and John Makhoul