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void PrintTranslationAnalysis (std::ostream &os, const Hypothesis *hypo)
void PrintTranslationAnalysis (ostream &, const Hypothesis *)

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void TranslationAnalysis::PrintTranslationAnalysis ( ostream &  ,
const Hypothesis  

Definition at line 19 of file TranslationAnalysis.cpp.

void TranslationAnalysis::PrintTranslationAnalysis ( std::ostream &  os,
const Moses::Hypothesis hypo 

print details about the translation represented in hypothesis to os. Included information: phrase alignment, words dropped, scores

Definition at line 15 of file TranslationAnalysis.cpp.

References Moses::WordsRange::GetEndPos(), Moses::Hypothesis::GetPrevHypo(), Moses::FeatureFunction::GetScoreProducerDescription(), Moses::WordsRange::GetStartPos(), and NOT_FOUND.

Referenced by MosesCmd::TranslationTask::Run().

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