mosesdecoder/lm/binary_format.hh File Reference

#include "lm/config.hh"
#include "lm/model_type.hh"
#include "lm/read_arpa.hh"
#include "util/file_piece.hh"
#include "util/mmap.hh"
#include "util/scoped.hh"
#include <cstddef>
#include <vector>
#include <stdint.h>

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struct  lm::ngram::FixedWidthParameters
struct  lm::ngram::Parameters
struct  lm::ngram::Backing


namespace  lm
namespace  lm::ngram
namespace  lm::ngram::detail


#define ALIGN8(a)   ((std::ptrdiff_t(((a)-1)/8)+1)*8)


bool lm::ngram::RecognizeBinary (const char *file, ModelType &recognized)
uint8_t * lm::ngram::SetupJustVocab (const Config &config, uint8_t order, std::size_t memory_size, Backing &backing)
uint8_t * lm::ngram::GrowForSearch (const Config &config, std::size_t vocab_pad, std::size_t memory_size, Backing &backing)
void lm::ngram::FinishFile (const Config &config, ModelType model_type, unsigned int search_version, const std::vector< uint64_t > &counts, std::size_t vocab_pad, Backing &backing)
bool lm::ngram::detail::IsBinaryFormat (int fd)
void lm::ngram::detail::ReadHeader (int fd, Parameters &out)
void lm::ngram::detail::MatchCheck (ModelType model_type, unsigned int search_version, const Parameters &params)
void lm::ngram::detail::SeekPastHeader (int fd, const Parameters &params)
uint8_t * lm::ngram::detail::SetupBinary (const Config &config, const Parameters &params, uint64_t memory_size, Backing &backing)
void lm::ngram::detail::ComplainAboutARPA (const Config &config, ModelType model_type)
template<class To >
void lm::ngram::LoadLM (const char *file, const Config &config, To &to)

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#define ALIGN8 (  )     ((std::ptrdiff_t(((a)-1)/8)+1)*8)

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