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Final presentations

All slides, printer-friendly: large, medium, small.


Open source system

Factored translation models

Confusion network decoding


Philipp, August 4 To support code documentation, check out the new Doxygen-created Documentation. It is now available online on the web server.

CCB, July 18 The German-English data is in place. See the Data page for an explanation of how it's organized. Wade is organizing the Spanish-English similarly.

Philipp, July 18 Remember to log into the right machines: Here at JHU x25-x36. If you need more machines, talk to me, and I'll give you your login at the Edinburgh clusters which have much more machines.

Philipp, July 8 Since some participants suggested small coding projects to get familiar with the code, I added them at the top of the projects page.

Philipp, April 10 Ideas for projects during the workshop. Feel free to add some more.


Here a now the finalized list of team members:

  • Philipp Koehn (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), senior researcher (PI)
  • Wade Shen (MIT Lincoln Labs, USA), senior researcher
  • Marcello Federico (ITC irst, Italy), senior researcher
  • Nicola Bertoldi (ITC irst, Italy), senior researcher
  • Chris Callison-Burch (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), graduate student extraordinaire
  • Brooke Cowan (MIT, USA), graduate student
  • Hieu Hoang (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), graduate student
  • Ondrej Bojar (Charles University, Czech Republic), graduate student
  • Richard Zens (RWTH Aachen, Germany), graduate student
  • Chris Dyer (University of Maryland, USA), graduate student
  • Alexandra Constantin (Williams College, USA), undergraduate student
  • Evan Herbst (Cornell University, USA), undergraduate student
  • Christine Moran (MIT, USA), undergraduate student
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